2024 Still & Moving Center Almanac

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2024 Still & Moving Center Almanac

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Pick up our new 2024 Still & Moving Center Almanac, fresh off the press! Editor Renée Tillotson and her team carefully craft our almanac in alignment with a unique annual theme. For 2024 it’s “Irreversibility, Eyes to the Stars”.

Dive into the new year’s uplifting quotes for the week and each day, starting with: “Open your eyes to the stars, your ears to the music of the divine spheres, are your heart to the pulse-beat of humanity. Then, very quietly, walk alone in a new direction.” - Raghavan Iyer.

Your almanac is multifaceted as a source of inspiration, calendar, historical record, and personal journal all in one place. Grab one for yourself! A Still & Moving Center almanac makes an inspiring holiday gift for thoughtful friends and family members.

Time to mindfully close 2023, the year of “Citizens of the Future”, and set your goals and new focuses for 2024: “Irreversibility, Eyes to the Stars”!

Editor Renée Tillotson will be on hand to sign your 2024 almanac on December 3!