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Almanac 2023

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Announcing the new Still & Moving Center Almanac 2023! 

Available now, in time for the holidays!

Inspire your self every week and each day with themed quotes that will lift your spirit! Invite yourself to become one of the “CITIZENS OF THE FUTURE”, which is the theme for the entirety of 2023.

The Still & Moving Center Almanac can also serve as a unique and meaningful gift for your loved ones as we transition out of 2022 and into the new hope and promise of 2023.

This beautiful almanac, available only in the printed format, is for those of you who love the feel of a book in your hands. You love being able to read its words on paper. You can also write on its pages. It doubles as a journal as well as a calendar. 

You can even make movement dates with yourself in the “Move My Body” journaling box each day!

Like a traditional almanac, your Still & Moving almanac allows you to align yourself with Nature’s pace, tracking phases of both the sun and moon, as well as sunrise and sunset times. 

Replete with wise words from around the world, from every time, culture and tradition, the Still & Moving Center Almanac is also studded with important historical events, with both famous and little-known heroines and heroes. Because so many people in so many spots around the world follow this almanac, by reading it yourself, you enter a powerful and positive stream of collective consciousness.

The future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens. - Rainer Maria Rilke

The themes chosen for this year of CITIZENS OF THE FUTURE suggest some of the traits and training these people will need. They will be "Builders of Bridges" with the "Fire of Enthusiasm". They will conduct "Soul Education" on "Our Collective Spiritual Odyssey". As "Soldiers of Peace" and "Creators of Beloved Community", these citizens will be "Protecting Human Rights & Freedoms" with "Expansive Generosity". "Walking the Razor's Edge" with "Reverence", they will be "Waking to the Light Within".

EDITOR: Renée Tillotson

Shipping and In-store pickup options available!

スティル&ムービングセンター 2023年 マインドフル・アルマナック(暦)


2023年のテーマ:“CITIZENS OF THE FUTURE〜未来の市民”



“Move My Body” ムーブ・マイ・ボディー欄には、その日、体を動かすクラスや自主トレの予定も立てられます。

従来のアルマナック(暦)と同様に、スティル&ムービングセンター の暦には、日出・日没の時刻、太陽の動きや月の満ち欠けも記されており、自然の流れに沿って過ごせるでしょう。


The future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens. 

未来は私たちに変化をもたらすためにやってきます。実際に時間として現れる、ずいぶん前に〜。 Rainer Maria Rilke

今年、選ばれたテーマ  “CITIZENS OF THE FUTURE〜未来の市民” は人々にとって必要となる特性や教訓のいくつかを示唆しています。彼らは、熱意の炎で、橋の建築者となるでしょう。そして、集合的スピリチュアル冒険旅行における、魂の教育を導いていくでしょう。平和の兵士と愛なるコミュニティーのクリエーターとして、彼ら市民は心のひろい寛大さを持ち、人権の自由を守っていくでしょう。